Password constraints in FOSUserBundle

I’ve recently tried to modify the password constraints of FOSUserBundle. To my surprise I’ve discovered that this is a little bit tricky.

Before you start I would suggest taking a look at validation.xml in the config directory of FOSUserBundle There you’ll find all the pre-defined constraints. As you can see, there is a class named FOS\UserBundle\Form\Model\ChangePassword. This is the data class, which is used in the change password form instead of the actual entity. So you have to change the password constraints on the User as well as on the ChangePassword class.

I have a bundle, which is extending FOSUserBundle, so I thought it is straight forward: Create a validation.xml which is overwriting the original one and put my own constraints in there. Unfortunatley that doesn’t work, instead my own constraints will simply be added to the default ones. So how to get rid of them? The trick is to define your own validation group.

This is how my configuration for the ChangePassword class looks like. The same goes for the User class.


By default FOSUserBundle is using the ChangePassword group to validate the change password form. With some extra lines in config.yml you can tell it to use a different one:

            validation_groups: [MyChangePassword, Default]

Now FOSUserBundle is using the MyChangePassword validation group for validation. This is also working for other forms like registration or the user profile. Take a look at the class FOS\UserBundle\DependencyInjection\Configuration and search for validation_groups to find out more about the configuration.

2 thoughts on “Password constraints in FOSUserBundle

  • November 14, 2014 at 10:45

    Hello sir m trying to add custom validation in fos user bundle .. i have done all tricks but not well.
    i wanna add some constraints on user registration form in my sonata admin .
    like user name must 8 character

  • November 16, 2014 at 16:24

    Take a look at the original validation.xml file from the FOSUserBundle. Copy the block for the FOS\UserBundle\Model\User class into your own validation.xml file and adapt the rules to match your requirements. Then change the validation group name from “Registration” to “MyRegistration”.

    In config.yml tell the bundle to use your validation group instead of the original one:

                validation_groups: [MyRegistration, Default]

    If you want your rules to be applied to the profile form too, then do the same with the “Profile” validation group. The config will be:

                validation_groups: [MyProfile, Default]

    Haven’t testet this, but it should work.


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