New features in my two-factor authentication bundle

In the last days SchebTwoFactorBundle has received some major updates. The current version is v0.3.0. I want to give you a brief overview of what has changed and how to use those features.

The biggest change so far was the refactoring of the authentication layer. I’ve removed a bunch of duplicate code and implemented an abstract interface for the two-factor authentication, which can be extended with any kind of authentication method. This enables the users of the bundle to implement their own authentication methods quite easily. Take a look at the documentation how it works.

Besides this I’ve added a “trusted computer” feature, that has been suggested by a contributor. An optional checkbox is shown in the authentication form, which makes it possible to flag your machine as “trusted”. Then the whole two-factor process will be skipped once you’ve completed the authentication process. The feature supports multiple computers and multiple users on the same machine.

I hope those features are useful and they help to secure your projects with an two-factor mechanism that’s easy to implement.