I’m doing web development since 2001. At first it was just for fun, but over time it became a profession. This is a selection of the most interesting projects I did in the past years.

Open Source


Two-factor authentication to your Symfony application (Symfony 4+) GitHub Stars


Two-factor authentication to your Symfony application (until Symfony 3) GitHub Stars


A PHP client library for Yahoo Finance API GitHub Stars

Tombstone & Tombstone Analyzer

Dead code detection with tombstones for PHP GitHub Stars GitHub Stars


A simple in-memory data storage for PHP GitHub Stars

Open Apexx

The open source distribution of my CMS that I’ve developed from 2005 till 2012 GitHub Stars

As a Freelancer (until 2011)


onlineweltenOne of the biggest gaming communities in Germany. From 2005 until 2010 I’ve continuously developed and maintained the gaming portal and some of the network websites. Over time I did three major releases of the whole gaming portal and countless feature updates.

PlayMassive / PlayNation

playmassiveAnother popular gaming community from Germany is the PlayMassive and PlayNation network. In late 2011 I did the HTML coding for the new design and migrated the CMS to apexx (which is my own, see below).


mygamersvideosAs a part of the Onlinewelten network, myGamersVideos was a YouTube like website dedicated to gamers. Everyone was able to upload games related videos. If you downloaded their capturing software, you could even upload an in-game screencasts directly to the website.

SDZ Medien

For SDZ Medien group I’ve developed several company and product websites, most of them based on my own CMS called apexx (see below for more information). These are the most noticeable ones.

PATHOS München

pathosThis is a small, but popular theatre from Munich. They wanted to present their latest productions online, so I created a small custom CMS and a reservation system for them.

» Visit website

gudrunschmittThe website of my aunt who is a well-known artist in the area where I was born. She’s presenting her art on this website. If you’re interested in modern painting it is definitely worth a visit.

» Visit website


gamevisionMy first big project as a freelancer was a gaming portal named GameVision. I developed an apexx based CMS, which was modified for their needs, and did the HTML coding.



apexxAfter I’ve made my first steps into professional software development, I wanted to challenge myself with something big. I decided to create my own CMS called apexx. It was released in 2005 and continuously developed until 2010. Today apexx is available on Github under LGPL.


webnewsA news managament script was the first software I’ve released to the public. The script was simple, but powerful and it was free for private use. That combination might be the reason that to my surprise so many people wanted to use it.

At University (until 2010)


philharmonicsThis is my diploma thesis. I’ve created the frontend concept for a data-driven process managament system called PHILharmonicFlows. First, I gathered the requirements and did a detailed analysis of what the user would expect from the system. Then, I’ve created mockups for every view.

PatRich Online

patrichPatRich simulates the grinding process on a ski and previews the pattern that will become visible on its surface. The algorithm has been developed at UZWR of Ulm University. While working there I’ve created a web frontend named PatRich Online.


inetTogether with a team of students I’ve created a software prototype that was able to visualize objects and relations in a 3D data cube. The software was written in Adobe Flex with Papervision3d.

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  • January 5, 2024 at 16:02

    I have seen yahoo-finance-api on github and found is very useful to get the data from yahoo Finance. I need to get the data from quoteSummary API, for this I updated the ApiClient.php and ResultDecoder.php. I created a fork ion github ( Could you please merge the same and it will help others. Thanks

    • January 6, 2024 at 15:01

      If you feel like this is worth contributing, feel free to create a Pull Request on Github.


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